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Our wastewater treatment plants combine oxygen-free treatment, oxygen treatment and decanting in a single tank. The combination of oxygen and oxygen-free treatment activates all biological microorganisms present (anaerobic, aerobic and facultative). Thanks to this combination, the purification efficiency of the wastewater treatment system is increased and the production of excess sludge is reduced.

  1. The untreated wastewater enters the treatment plant.
  2. The wastewater undergoes mechanical separation in the roughing grate, which allows the separation of impurities and large residues.
  3. The wastewater enters the biological treatment chamber without oxygen (anaerobic chamber). Here, the activated sludge is constantly recirculated thanks to the Air-Lift system. The sludge is then uniformly dosed and stabilised without generating odours.
  4. The mixture of activated sludge and water flows into the denitrification zone and the oxygen treatment chamber (aerobic chamber). Here, air is injected through a diffuser in the form of small bubbles. These bubbles accelerate the purification process.
  5. It then flows into the decanter, where the sludge moves to the bottom due to gravity.
  6. The sludge is then recirculated and separated from the treated water, which flows out clean through the outlet.



We solve your wastewater problem

Sale and installation of wastewater treatment plants

✅ Forget about septic tanks
✅ Avoid fines
✅ Enable your house to be legalised
✅ Easy, same-day installation
✅ Quiet operation
✅ Easy maintenance
✅ Enables water to be reused for irrigation purposes
✅ No odour generation
✅ Minimal power consumption



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